Friday, October 12, 2012

Terrestrial Daydream

 Here's the new record!

Physical copies of Terrestrial Daydream are available at the local music shops; Better Days Records, J & J Old Louisville Music Shop, Mom's Music and Underground Sounds

You can also order a physical copy here via PayPal:


Terrestrial Daydream is also available through most of the online stores such as iTunes, Spotify,, CDBaby etc. Here is a direct link: 

Phourist: Terrestrial Daydream

Also, to hear a taste of the new album, below are the first few tracks (available for download). Please note that the tracks in this playlist have gaps between them due to the parameters of SoundCloud, but the tracks on the actual album are gapless. Here are the tracks:

   first three tracks by Phourist

List of people Phourist would like to thank:

Mom, Dad, Grandma Pat, Grandma Ann, Mary, Matt, Julie, David, Larry, Rob, all my supportive cousins, GIST Piano Center, Doug and all the peeps at 'The Bard's Town,' Anthony, Ryan, Jeremy and Rebecca Ficklin (and their many dogs), Edward Heavrin, Nick Weis, Tim Haertel, Mark Brown and all my supportive cousins and family members who perform and write music

New names are always being added to this list. Thank you for all your help and support!

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