Insider Louisville – Kevin Gibson 

"Of the highest originality and 'spooking' vitality/verve." 
Live Entertainment/Old Louisville Coffeehouse – Vernon Lynn Stephens 

"This young composer is a genius." 
Crescent Hill Radio/First Friday At the Rud – Gavin Caster

"I can see a concert venue with thousands of people holding up their smart phones with the fake lighter app." 

Evo:R Entertainment - Charlie Harrelson


"Both haunting and upbeat."

Impulcity -Kathryn Negard


"I drive around and look at the world through healed eyes and wonder how I got so lucky to find Nick and his music." - Annie Lindstrom, Talkupy


"Blown away" - Carolyn Burnette, Sound of Lexington

"Hauntingly beautiful and unlike anything you've ever heard before."

-Alexandra Winters,



“For me, songs are like a musical exorcism—they come out screaming and I interpret them later on,” says Nick Phourist, of the Louisville, Kentucky-based quartet Phourist & the Photons. The band’s aptly-titled latest, We're All Born Screaming, offers forth a viscerally distilled edition of the group’s stately and tuneful indie-rock allowing for maximum cathartic impact.

It’s no surprise Nick is cagey about the meaning of his songs, preferring the listener to have his or her own interpretations. Yet, he does acknowledge that a death in his family last year played a big role in the album’s creation. He also cites existential angst, and day-in-life struggles as artistic fodder.

Phourist and The Photons is known for its non-linear songcraft which includes winding musical passages, and adventurous arrangements flanking undeniable pop-rock hooks. Previously, the quartet has issued one album, but We're All Born Screaming represents the first album of the band’s current and stable lineup. Phourist and the Photons is Nick Phourist Hill, vocals, piano, guitar, songwriting; Justin Perez, bass, various other musical contributions; and Andrew Critchelow guitar, textures; and Scott Boice, drums, percussion.

Though he prefers to keep his artistic intentions close to his vest, Nick does reveal his thoughts surrounding the band’s name. “I like that it has a nerdy sci-fi vibe, and an old school ‘Buddy Holly & The Crickets’ thing to it. I also love a good alliteration,” he says.

We're All Born Screaming offers forth a user-friendly edition of Phourist and the Photons. Here, the band’s prog-rock tendencies are tempered by sharp pop tunesmithing, and the tunes are more viscerally emotive. The nine-song album traverses intimate piano ballads, atmospheric acoustic singer-songwriter territory, dreamy indie rock, and brawny blues riffage.

The album’s majestic and titular first single brims with crystalline piano passages, orchestral rock moments, and spacy harmony vocals. Beneath these sublime modern psych-rock textures is a captivating but elusive emotionality. “We create impressionistic emotional sonic paintings,” Nick acknowledges.

Nick is optimistic about the future of Phourist and The Photons because the band has an upcoming tour booked for spring 2019, a new record written, and, finally, a stable lineup. On what has finally solidified band personnel Nick shares: “All the band members have the same Myers Briggs personality, INFP. We almost changed the name of the band to that!”

-Bio By Lorne Behrman


We're All Born Screaming - LIVE AT ZANZABAR



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Sing In The Mud on Balcony TV

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6/27/19, Shakespeare In The Park
5/31/19, Shakespeare In The Park

5/11/19, Spring Music Festival, Flywheel Brewing, Elizabethtown, KY

4/28/19, SoFar Sounds, Lexington, KY
4/26/19, The Shrunken Head, Columbus, OH
4/20/19, The Living Room Series

3/16/19, KY Crafted: The Market, Lexington, KY

3/9/19, House Show, Knoxville, TN 

3/9/19, The Blue Plate Special, Knoxville, TN
3/7/19, Al's Bar, Lexington, KY w/ Moonbeau and Sunmates

2/2/19, Owoso Album Release

1/6/19, 5th Annual Warm Up Louisville, w/ Villa Mure

9/14/18, Kaiju w/ Aby Laby Land and Cloudship

8/31/18, Flywheel Brewing, ETown, KY

8/17/18, Exit/In, Nashville, TN

7/11/18, French Broad Brewery, Asheville, NC

7/28/18, Sofar Sounds, Cleveland, OH

7/27/18, Moes Tavern, Chicago, IL

7/19/18, WRFL Sunburn Series, Lexington, KY

6/2/18, House Show, ETown, msg for details

5/31/18, Shakespeare In The Park

5/19/18, 812 Bar & Grill, Sellersburg, IN

4/25/18 Waterfront Wednesday w/ Lissie and The Weeks

3/3/18 KY Crafted the Market

2/2/18 Stuart's Going Away Party, Kaiju

10/22/17 Via Colori Festival

9/14/17 The Edge 95.7 Evansville's Alternative

9/13/17 Crescent Hill Radio Fund Drive

9/2/17 The Living Room Series

8/26/17 @ Kaiju w/ Babs and Dan Luke & the Raid

8/19/17 Seven Sense Festival

8/12/17 Shakespeare in the Park

8/11/17 Lexington, KY @ Cosmic Charlies w/ In Lightning

7/28/17 TNT Private Show

7/7/17 Poorcastle Festival

6/9/17 Hard Rock Cafe

5/13/17 Hal & Ben's Bike-In

5/12/17 WHAS 11 News

4/23/17 Ky Crafted the Market

3/25/17 Release Show @ Zanzabar

3/24/17 Live Lunch 

12/9/16 Nashville, TN @ Springwater 

12/2/16 Private Show at TNT Productions

11/15/16 @ Zanzabar

11/8/16 @ Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft (Maxwellsounds)

10/13/16 Frankfort, KY @ KY OnStage

10/1/16 @ the New Vintage

9/30/16 @ Zanzabar

9/16/16 @ the Cure Lounge

9/16/16 @ 4th Street Live

8/13/16 @ Tim Faulkner Gallery

8/6/16 @ Shakespeare in the Park

8/1/16 @ Mag Bar

7/20/16 Lexington, KY @ WRFL Live

7/16/16 Grayson, KY @ Heart of Summer Festival

7/9/16 @ Poorcastle Festival

6/25/16 Bloomington, IN @ Crazy Horse

5/21/16 Knoxville, TN @ WDVX Blue Plate Special & House Show

4/15/16 Muncie, IN @ Be Here Now

4/9/16 @ Headliners Music Hall

4/5/16 Lexington, KY @ Al's Bar

4/3/16 @ Diamond's Pub (For MERF)

2/25/16 @ Kaiju

2/19/16 @ New Vintage

1/31/16 Cincinnati, OH @ Maudies w/ LED Streets

1/30/16 Columbus, OH @ Double Happiness

1/29/16 Canton, OH @ Buzzbin w/ Sun Hound

1/17/16 Evansville, IN @ Sortie Arts and Music

1/16/16 St. Louis, MO @ Melt w/ Nicole Bonura and Rick Shaw

1/15/16 Bloomington, IN @ the Back Door

1/10/16 Indianapolis, IN @ Melody Inn w/ Remedy Revival

1/9/16 Chicago, IL @ Hostel Earphoria w/ Ze'ev, Imelda Marcos

1/8/16 Muncie, IN @ Be Here Now w/ No Good Riders, American Living

11/23/15 @ Magbar

11/13/15 @ Hewn From the Mountain 

10/9/15 New Albany, IN @ New Albany Brewhouse

10/4/15 @ Tim Faulkner Gallery

9/27/15 @ Zanzabar

9/12/15 @ Haymarket

9/5/15 Knoxville, TN @ WDVX Blue Plate Special

9/4/15 @ Zanzabar

8/29/15 @ Qdoba Bardstown Road Series

8/22/15 @ Kaiju

8/15/15 Brooklyn, NY @ Three's Brewing Company

8/7/15 @ Driftwood Festival

8/1/15 @ Bearno's By The Bridge

7/24/15 @ New Albany Summer Concert Series

7/11/15 @ Poorcastle Festival

6/20/15 Lexington, KY @ the Green Lantern

6/19/15 @ the Monkey Wrench

5/28/15 Nashville, TN @ the 5Spot

5/15/15 Nashville, TN @ Phat Bites

5/9/15 @ New Albany Pet Fair

4/25/15 Chicago, IL @ Fizzbar

4/10/15 @ the Rudyard Kipling

3/1/15 @ the New Vintage

2/21/15 @ Zanzabar

2/13/15 Elizabethtown, KY @ Wild Earth Gallery

1/22/15 @ Hard Rock Cafe

12/31/14 @ the Rudyard Kipling

11/15/14 Nashville, TN @ Foobar

10/10/14 @ Haymarket Whiskey Bar

& Way, Way More (Still Checking Memory Banks)... 



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